Social And Sustainable Footprint

We are part of transformation

Social And Sustainable Footprint

We are part of transformation

Commitment to Sustainable Development

Our commitment is to stimulate the development of people for a better society

We believe that we can only build a better society if we provide equal opportunities for all. And equal opportunities are only possible through access to quality education, social and economic inclusion, the promotion of diversity, and the elimination of discriminatory practices.

Therefore, in the Wiz Co ecosystem, we prioritize acting on our social footprint, with a focus on education and on diversity and inclusion, always valuing ethical and honest relationships. We believe that only through education will we be able to form Brazilians capable of changing their reality and the reality of our country.

Our Commitments

Human Development

Promote education and development, so that 3,000 people can overcome social vulnerability.

Ethical Conduct

To be a reference in the ethical ethical conduct of Wiz’s business, following the best practices recognized by the market.

Public Commitments and Indexes

Relatórios de Sustentabilidade​

Conheça mais sobre os projetos, investimentos e resultados do ecossistema Wiz Co e o​ modo como criamos valor para nossos públicos de interesse – colaboradores, parceiros​ de negócios e acionistas, clientes e comunidade.​

Políticas e Declarações